Our Support

After-Sale Service

Most of our trading products are model kits, customers may easily break single piece during their crafting. Cooperating with BubblesUp, we will not only trade our goods but also offer marvellous customer service with our retailers. We offer the single piece replacement of all model range to you. Save you a huge stocking and carry out a good after-sale service for you.

Efficient Operation

We make sure your business is taken care of first, with our responsive communication, effective warehouse operation and quick after-sales service.


Digital Marketing

We offer high-quality digital marketing material, including images, video to help you boost sales.


Finished Models

We believe a great display will make a better selling towards model kits. Our product types need to enhance the possibility of presenting such ornamental to customers. Finished model and auto-display design will sufficiently support our retailers to reach more customers to stay in your stores. It is necessary to make customers better understand how our products work.

Please notice that a finished model needs time to assemble it. It depends on the model difficulty and how many you ordered.


Cooperation & Community

BubblesUp attend Sydney and Melbourne Gift Fair every year. We also care about our community and always keen to cooperate with the local department. Covid-19 teaching us that no one is alone and nobody can survive only by itself.